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We Guide Our Families and Help them Build their Team of the Good Guys.

Mission Statement

Provide excellence in estate planning, estate administration and generational family support by delivering exceptional resources, guidance and education, with our collection of the best professionals to provide wrap around services for families seeking help with estate challenges, before, during and after life events require our services. 

Vision Statement

Our guidance service includes a comprehensive referral service for professionals engaged in the practice of estate planning and/or estate administration.  We engage a multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning and estate administration designed to meet the needs of families at all stages of their lives, with an emphasis on wealth preservation and legacy.

We Are Here for You and Your Heirs

DS Legacy Service, LLC Preserving Generational Wealth for Families

Your Personal Guide

Get guidance and expert referrals during Estate Pre-Planning, Estate Settlement, or the entire probate process from the loss of your loved one through the liquidation of assets and closing of the estate process.

We will help you understand the process and find peace at a time when peace grows to be a most valuable asset in your life!

Some of the services we provide include:

• Support during the probate process.

• Expert Referrals - a comprehensive referrals for professionals and service providers to support you.

• Knowledge of estate settlements and wills.

• Alternative Senior Housing.

• Aid in minimizing relationship risks for disagreement between heirs.

• Help with inspections, maintenance, home repairs; when a home residence (to be retained or sold) is part of your duties as Estate Administrator;

• Trusted adviser during a difficult time.

• We Help you and your heirs so YOUR family does not have to go through probate!

Need Affordable Legal Advice? Unlimited Questions/Topics

Navigating Wills, Estates, Trusts, Attorneys, Probate and Real Estate

What is the timeline for probate and/or estate settlement?

How much should an attorney charge when settling an estate?  

Is the valuation for a property in probate different the the typical market analysis given by my Real Estate Agent? Why does that matter?

How do I keep my tax exposure under control when settling an estate for my parent?

What can I expect as an executor of my parent(s) estate. What are the  fiduciary duties I am responsible for?

Is a Will enough?  Should I have a Trust?

Should I title my property as a Transfer on Death or place it in a trust for my children?

We can help you navigate the process and get the answers you need from the experts. Much like your General Practitioner and the Specialists in the medical field - we team up to help you!

Let my Team of Experts get you on the right path for you!

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Your Personal Guide to Estate Administration

Sheila Westfall-Preston

We help families, their Attorney's and Real Estate Agents through the special process of Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and/or the Estate Settlement Process. Let us aid you in assembling your team of the  "Good Guys",  - professionals and service providers who understand and truly care about what you are going through - people that you can trust to truly help you during these sometimes challenging processes.

If you are starting to develop your own Estate Plan and wish to avoid all the pitfalls of Probate, I am here to help you as well. Once a client has lived through the Probate Process, they realize there were many planning decisions that (when made in advance) can make the Estate Settlement much easier for their spouses and/or family members! My trusted Legacy League Members can help you too!

I am uniquely qualified to help you with a multitude of responsibilities and provide you with comprehensive guidance.

Just need to find a good referral? Click on my Directory in the Menu above. 

Don't go it alone - let's connect!     -Sheila

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