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Caring for You and Your Family

Having helped many executors like yourself, I understand that managing the details of an estate for a family member or friend who has passed on can be a challenging responsibility. 

From the initial filing paperwork until the real estate is sold and you are ready to settle the estate, my goal is to support, guide, and provide you a clear picture of all your options so that you feel you are making the best decisions as a probate estate executor.

I care about the people I help with probate, and know that you may need extra time to process the passing of a family member or friend. I am committed to providing Administrators a proven successful and compassionate approach that minimizes your stress and efforts, which makes the entire probate process work out well.

 Working with Your Realtor and Attorney

Because of my CPRES training, I can work with your attorney and your listing realtor and be there for you every step of the way helping you with the details of your loved one’s property. As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, I have received special training to deal with the sale of properties that are in probate, and I know how a court confirmation probate sale works, how to sell real estate under a living trust and conservatorship, and any special probate rules regarding the sale of real property in your state.

Helping with the Overwhelming Number of Small Tasks

I help you with all the little and big details of the probate process as well as property  maintenance. From helping you to select and the best service providers (ie professionals that can help you get the personal property sorted, handyman tasks, estate liquidators and appraisers, etc) all the way until the closing of the sale of the home. liquidators and appraisers, etc) all the way until the closing of the sale of the home.

Top Professional Directory

When we connect, I will send you a link to my Directory with a comprehensive listing of trusted professionals you will need during your estate administration.


A Professional Estate Guide Your Attorney Value and Appreciate

Your attorney and your CPRES are your most important resources to lead, guide, and protect you as a probate executor. We will meet with your attorney to review all purchase offer contracts that come in on the property held in the probate estate. Most agents do not do this, but it is important to us to make sure we all are aligned to lead, guide and protect you together throughout the process.

Making Things Easier For You As A Probate Executor

By giving you access to the best professional service providers, you do not have to go and search out and interview multiple people and risk receiving poor service.

It has taken me many years to develop and offer you the absolute best network of service providers to help assist you as you navigate the probate process. In addition to helping to give you clarity in dealing the most common probate challenges, I can also help you secure the services of competent professionals, some of these include:

Probate Attorney

A good probate attorney will help you through the legal process of handling the decedent’s estate. For those who died testate – with a will – a probate attorney will help you distribute assets to the proper person, and will help you with paying the estate debts. If the decedent died intestate – without a will – it’s a good idea to retain a probate attorney if the decedent had retirement accounts, bank accounts or real estate.

Get Your Agent Help

The probate process is complex, and selling a home can be difficult, but when you put the two together it can be a very stressful experience. A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES)  receives special training to deal with the sale of properties that are in probate. CPRES agents understand the probate process, know how a home is sold in probate, how court confirmation probate sales work, and any special probate rules regarding the sale of real property in your state.

Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys

A tax attorney will also be able to help you with estate taxes that may be due when you file the decedent’s final tax return. Accountants, tax attorneys and probate attorneys will also help you with retirement accounts, investments and other accounts that need to be distributed. In some cases, the executor or administrator may be held responsible for unpaid taxes, so you’ll need to ensure that the estate pays all of the necessary local, state and federal taxes that are associated with the decedent’s death.

Appraisal, Liquidation and Property Care

Real Estate Opinion of Value Letter: Often requested by accountants, establishes home value at time of passing, this is also known as a PCMA, a Probate Comparative Market Analysis and should be done by a CPRES agent.

Real Estate Appraiser: A licensed home appraiser gives a full appraisal.

Personal Property Appraiser: Appraises the decedent’s personal property.

Personal Property Estate Liquidator: Takes care of selling and or donating decedent’s personal property.

Property Care & Support: Handymen, electrician, plumber, roofer, pest control, property manager, landscaper, trash hauler – all these service providers and others can be provided by your CPRES real estate agent.

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